I grew up in the Orkney islands, in the far north of Scotland (a beautiful, isolated place, with a remarkable archaeological record stretching back over five thousand years), and I moved to Edinburgh in 2003 to attend university.

I learnt to knit as a child, and then forgot all about it for a very long time. I picked up the needles once more in 2005, and it came back to me surprisingly quickly (with help and guidance from my mother!). I began writing and self-publishing knitting patterns in 2010, and haven’t been able to stop since – I dabble in a bit of web design and coding, and I find that the skill-set required to code and that required to write up a clear and concise knitting pattern are really very similar.

I love to design engaging, intricate patterns with unique twists, and I always find myself being drawn to textures; airy lace, intertwining cables, twisted stitches… anything with an interesting tactile nature. My biggest design influence is Pictish and Celtic artwork – I’ve devoted considerable time to learning how to replicate the interlacing knotwork in knitted cables, and I find it endlessly fascinating and enjoyable. Finding new ways to work re-imaginings of ancient art into modern designs is a big source of creative satisfaction to me.

To date, in addition to my self-published patterns, my work has been featured on Knitty.com and in Knit Now magazine (UK).

When I’m not knitting, sewing or designing, I’m usually doing something musical. I’m involved with a few different bands/artists/random collaborations, most notably Jacob’s Pillow, Wailing Miserere, Pictism, Still Light and Ting Jin.

You can visit my Ravelry Pattern Store here! (you don’t need a Ravelry membership in order to download my patterns… although, if you are interested in knitting and/or crochet, I thoroughly recommend signing up. It’s free and, like Royston Vasey, you’ll never leave!). My Ravelry ID is lucyhague. Alternatively, you can buy my patterns directly from my website.

Follow me on Facebook if you’d like to keep up with the latest news on my designs – or sign up for my newsletter and get a coupon for a free pattern from my shop!

Happy knitting!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Lucy. I visited Knit1 back in June with the Craft Cruises folks. Just cast on Inganess. It’s a beautiful pattern. Hope mine turns out as well as the one I saw at the shop. Love your patterns.

  2. Hello Lucy! I’ve just discovered your work through a Crafsty course with Fiona Ellis “Mastering Cable Design” and saw your comment on the book you had as inspiration for your knitting. I’m a beginner with cables and I just love Celtic Knots so I will buy that book from Ian Bain (and George also) for ideas on how to go by making these knots into beautiful cables! Thank you for the tip! I also joined in for your newsletter, keep up the good work!

  3. Hello Lucy, I found your beautiful website true Kate Davies. I signed up for the newsletter as well, thank you so much for the free pattern!! That is so generous. I am going to enjoy browsing around and following your blog! Warm greetings from Ohio, Johanna

  4. Hallo Lucy, I found your Morvarch shawl at Pinterest.It is a wonderful pattern! I thank you so much for the free pattern! It will be the next project. And the other patterns are great, too. Sorry, my English is very bad. Lots of greetings from the Chiemsee in Bavaria!

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