Nennir written instructions

5th October 2016: A corrected version of the written instructions has now been attached and can be downloaded here – Nennir-written-instructions-v2-0.pdf


After getting a few requests for the written instructions to my free pattern Nennir (originally published in the Winter 2012 issue of Knitty), I’ve decided to post the file here so that it’s available to all!

Please note that this is a fairly basic text file, generated straight from my charting program, and as such does not include any explanation of the abbreviations, etc. – you need to refer to the page on Knitty for all the info on how to knit the cowl. This is simply a text version of the charts ‘Cable Pattern Part 1’ and ‘Cable Pattern Part 2’ (you will need to work out the edging chart yourself as it isn’t included in the text file!).

6 thoughts on “Nennir written instructions

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I absolutely love this pattern. I have translated it into a written pattern because I am unable to read charts no matter how hard I try. Would you like a copy for your other readers? I did make one small change to your chart; however, I changed the edge from the garter stitch you have in the chart to a reverse stockinette. I am combining it with other cables and the flat purl worked better for this purpose. Other than that, it matches your provided chart. I have knit the entire pattern as well so I am very confident my transposition errors have been fixed. Please don’t feel obligated, I just wanted to offer.

    Thanks so much for making this beautiful pattern.

    • Hi Kirstin, thanks for your message (and sorry I only just saw it – been travelling a lot recently and my blog got a bit neglected!) That’s very kind of you – could you e-mail what you have to lucyhaguedesigns@gmail and I’ll look it over? Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I don’t want to pressure you or anything, just wondering if you think this will be back up soon? It’s such a beautiful pattern and I always struggle with charts!

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